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Ask anyone who grew up in the bush what the most important vehicle for Outback use is, and they won't even blink before they tell you. It's a ute. And if you've ever been out beyond the proverbial black stump, you will have seen some classic examples of these in small country towns all over Australia.

As a result, the aftermarket accessory industry has gone into overdrive, producing more accessories for utes than you could shake a stick at. Every part of your ute can be accessorised, from bull bars to rear bars, and everything in between.

Of course, utes aren't nearly as popular as wagons for 4WDers, but a resurgence in ute sales has seen the 4WD aftermarket industry boom in terms of accessories specifically designed for utes.

Your vehicle's suspension is the all-important link between its wheels and tyres and the load-bearing platform, ie: the chassis or monocoque. Its function is not only to provide a smooth ride for the vehicle's load (including the occupants) but to maintain the maximum permissible contact patch between the tyres and the road surface.

It does this by absorbing some of the lateral loads placed on the vehicle during manoeuvres. To absorb these loads the suspension uses a system of springs and dampers placed in between the wheel mounting hubs and the chassis.

On 4WD vehicles the springs come in a variety of designs but for the most part they will be either be coil, leaf or torsion bar types.Less common are air bag or air springs but their use is becoming more widespread with the availability of quality kits from the aftermarket.

There are many products that are either 'must have' or 'should have' or 'better have' in the world or 4WDing, camping and general life in the great outdoors. An air compressor is definitely one that fits into every category as it can have so many handy and convenient uses - aside from tyre inflation.










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